An ammeter to an LED display

Greetings, I would like to build an LED display that measures the current draw of a pump. The pump pulls a max of 250 amps, so I thought I would use the XB2CMAC1XXXA_OPCTL38AL-600-amp current monitor. Can I then interface that to/through an Arduino board to an LED display?

Thank you in advance, this is my first Arduino-type project.

I don’t see why not, it should be pretty easy, we also offer a display that lot’s of people are using:

If you need a smaller display, you can use this:

Hope this helps.


Outstanding! Thank you so much! Are those the only 2 boards I need, or do I need something that interfaces between the two (logically, not necessarily physically). Sensor-what?-display

Thank you for your help!

You will need the Arduino to read the sensor, but the display chains to the sensor I2C output port. The display comes with the cable, so all you really need is Arduino code for the display and the sensor to get it all working. The display is powered from the I2C bus of the sensor, so you don’t even need any power to run it. Hope this helps.

So, in the cart, I have the display board and the sensor board, and I selected the 300A version. Is this really all I need? (Seems too easy)

Thank you again for your help.

are you planing to use with arduino nano or uno or any other one ?
Yes, they are real easy to use.