AMS5812-0300-D pressure leak

Anyone had issues with the AMS5812-0300-D Amplified Pressure Sensor leaking? I’m measure CO2 gas (approx 15psi) in a brewing setup.

To test I’ve connected the sensor directly to the CO2 regulator and turned off the gas after the regulator - see ball valve in photo in off position. Pressure slowly drops off from 20psi to 6psi over 13 hours. I’m 99% sure fittings and line are not the cause, it’s all been replaced. I would have expected the pressure to stay constant.

The feeling I have is the sensor is leaking, as if it was over pressured. This is the sort of behaviour id expect when exceeding the sensors maximum burst pressure of 232PSI according to the spec sheet however there is no way it has ever exceded 30PSI - the regulators maxs out at 60PSI and ive never had it anywhere near that.

could it be leaking at the sensor inlet port ?
if its gradually reducing it means there has to be a leakage somewhere.

Your are right, there has to be a leak somewhere.

I’d be very surprised if it’s leaking at the port. It’s a very tight fit. Had to warm up the plastic tube with hot water to get it to fit over. The tube is high pressure tubing rated to 217PSI.

As I said suspect the actual sensor is leaking. Open to thoughts on how to confirm this.

Ideally there should be a clamp like a single ear hose clamp on the port but I can not find one so small. Again open to suggestions.

have you looked into getting the a absolute pressure sensor instead differential.

Hey, thanks for getting back to me.

I had come to the conclusion that by leaving port 2 open to the atmosphere I was effectively getting the same result as gauge pressure.

All I’m wanting to do is digitise my brews pressure gauge to data log using red node. I brew under pressure.

It’s configured to use an API to send data to a cloud service along with another hydrometer sensor. That side of things works well.

If this isn’t the right sensor I’m open to change. What’s the pros and cons/recomendation?

AMS is one of the best pressure sensor out there. I will reach out to the manufacture and see if they can recommend something.
i see no issue with your setup.