AMS 5915-0100-D Change I2C Address


I recently purchased two AMS 5915-0100-D. The plan is to chain them together and use a single Arduino board. On the product page, it says that they have a programmable I2C address, yet I can find no documentation on how to change the address of one of the units. Most of the forums mention to use a multiplexer; however, I would like to avoid this. Would someone have an example of how to do this through Arduino? Any help would appreciated.

Thank you!

Hi @rynej, Checking the data sheet indicates that the I2C address is factory programmed:

The pressure sensors in the AMS 5915 series have a standard, factory-programmed 7-bit slave address of 0x28Hex (0101000b).

And in our web site:

Note that some nodeLynk I2C devices have a fixed address while others allow configuration of the address across a limited range of addresses.

So I don’t think it can be a simple task to reprogram it. I think the most direct solution would be a multiplexer as @TravisE_NCD_Technica mentioned here:

Let us know if you have any other questions.


Hello Eduard_Mtz,

I appreciate the response. I was thinking the same thing; however, the page for product has it listed with a programmable address.

Is the product page incorrect?

Thank you!

I checked it again and it is correct, the AMS5915-0100-D is not programmable I2C Address, it can only be programmed by the manufacturer.

The only option to use your two sensors would be to use an I2C bus multiplexer:

Thank you,
Eduardo M.