AMS 5915-0100-D-B pressure sensor setup

I’m using an AMS 5915-0100-D-B pressure sensor to build a spirometer-like device (patient blows into tubing and pressure is recorded). I was wondering how I should set up the ports. I understand that port 2 can be used for fluids or gasses, whereas port 1 is for dry/clean gasses only. Can I get an accurate pressure reading by introducing direct pressure (from patient) to port 2 while leaving port 1 disconnected (i.e. pressure difference created between patient expiration and ambient air pressure)?


for such application this absolute pressure sensor will be much suitable


Thanks! I see that the AMS5915-1000-A pressure ranges from 0-1000mbar. I only need a range of 0mbar to around 70mbar. Will that be an issue for resolution and accuracy of pressure readings?

its 16 bit resolution sensor, so even for 0-70mbar, readings will be highly accurate.


Hi, so I ended up using the AMS5915-100-D-B with my pressure source connected to port 2, with port 1 ambient. For some reason I’m getting a negative baseline reading, and when I apply positive pressure it’s reported as negative pressure on my serial monitor. Additionally, the recorded pressure does not seem to accurately reflect the actual pressure input. When first testing the sensor everything worked fine, including my port setup. Has my sensor gone bad? Is there a potential way to diagnose/fix the issue?

Thanks again

are you able to read the temp correctly ?


The temp seems correct, only about 0.16 degrees C off from what I’ve compared it with.

its possible that the sensor if out of calibration or damaged. i checked the datasheet didn’t find any info on re calibration or factory reset.

Thanks for the response. I might just try a new sensor then