Alternative to 2-Channel General Purpose SPDT Relay Shield PR16-9-10A

My application consists of two Particle Electrons, each connected to an NCD PR16-9-10A relay board. The application is dependent on 3G cellular network availability. I just learned from Particle that “in December 2022, all 2G/3G cellular operators will have shut down their 2G and 3G cellular network.” It therefore appears that I have to switch to LTE if the app is going to continue to function after that date. Since the Electrons don’t do LTE, I’ll probably have to switch to Particle Boron modules. But I’ve been informed that Borons are not plug compatible with the Electron so I will need to also replace my existing NCD relay boards with something that will accept a Boron.

Can anyone here suggest an alternative configuration? Obviously I’d like to not have to re-write my firmware, but that’s an issue that I will discuss directly with Particle.

We make a Feather to IoT socket adapter here:

This will allow you to plug Boron modules into the boards you have.

I should have known there was an NCD solution!! Thanks Travis!

You bet. Let us know if you need anything else.