Alpha Station - Unable to Communicate with Modem

Hello, I am currently using the Industrial IoT Wireless to USB Modem ( to configure my sensor. I followed the “Getting started with NCD Enterprise Series Sensors” video to setup the modem. The USB LED is constantly on when the modem is connected to my Windows Computer. When using Alpha Station and clicking “Sensor View & Setup” an error appears. “Unable to Communicate with Modem.” The TX LED is flickering while trying to establish a connection. I found no troubleshooting guides for this specific modem and tapping the reset button did not resolve it either.

Help is appreciated

whats the buadrate you are using ?
are you using the correct COM port ?

Hi, thanks for mentioning the baud rate. I explicitly set it to 115200 for COM4 and I was able to establish a connection.
Thank you very much