Alpha Station to ethernet modem

Hello, I am having some difficulty with setup of alpha station and ethernet modem. The tutorial seems very straight forward. I am attempting network connection. Physically my PC and the ethernet modem are on the same switch. Our DHCP server has assigned the address ( to the modem. My PC is in the same subnet, address ( I can ping the device from my PC. I can connect to the web server on the modem and see the ip address assigned properly. Alpha Station cannot find it as it never appears in the Discovered Network Devices box.

If I click OK, it brings me to the next screen. Is it actually connected, or not? Thank you in advance for your help.

NCD Config seems to find it.

Hi Greg,

We highly recommend Node-Red. Alpha Station software is all but obsolete. What are your long term plans with the Ethernet Modem and sensors? I think you will be time ahead to simply install Node-Red and move forward that way.

Hi Travis, Thank you for your response. We plan to create real-time data collection to store in our local SQL Server. We are not tied to any particular software as long as it is reliable. I will check on node red. Thanks-Greg

Hi Greg,

Yes, I would highly recommend Node-Red. It has libraries available for SQL.