Alpha Station showing Unknown Data Source

My Alpha Station showing Unknown Data Source for “Wireless USB Modem – PR55-17A” trying to connect to a “1 Channel Vibration Sensor Plus – PR55-61E”.

this sensor is not supported in alpha station . please use node red

Can I directly connect the sensor using node-red? or what other components do I need to show the data from the vibration sensor?

I have looked through Wireless IoT Sensors Support Map - and it says the PR55-61E is supported in Alpha Sensor.

Hi @a11ister

That support map needs to be corrected. That sensor is not supported in Alpha Station.

We have a video here that demonstrates the use of the sensor with Node-Red:

In the video we were using the IoT Edge Computer but you can run Node-Red on any computer and just connect through a USB or Ethernet modem.

Is this any possible way or softwares that I can use for “Wireless USB Modem – PR55-17A” to connect the “1 Channel Vibration Sensor Plus – PR55-61E” ?

Yes, Node-Red with our ncd-red-wireless-2 library.

You just need to install Node-Red on the computer, then in Node-Red install our ncd-red-wireless-2 library.

What is the OS of your computer? Windows, Mac, or Linux?

Windows, sir. In the video, it is require to have IoT Edge Computer to connect the vibration sensor. I dont have IoT Edge Computer. And I couldn’t find steps on how to connect the vibration sensor using wireless usb modem without using alpha station.

Node red is cross platform. You can install on your window machine

I am sorry for the confusion. Does that mean that I can use the “Wireless USB Mode – PR55-17A” to connect the “1 Channel Vibration Sensor Plus – PR55-61E” BY USING Node Red?

Checkout the video travis shared

See this documentation to install Node-Red on a Windows computer:

Once node red is installed on your windows computer navigate to the node_modules directory inside the Node-Red directory that is created. Inside that directory use NPM to install ncd-red-wireless-2 library. Then launch Node-Red as per documentation and then you can follow along with the instructions in the video to begin using your Vibration Sensor with Node-Red.

I have installed the Node-Red as per mentioned. Can you provide me the JSON file to connect the vibration sensor?

Did you install the ncd-red-wireless-2 library? If not you will need to do that.

After that there is a flow here you can take a look at:

it says this