Alpha station and I2C 16port HUB configuration problem

Dear All,

I have troubles in getting my I2C relay banks connected / configured to the 16 port I2C hub.
Connections are USB and Ethernet. Alpha Station:

In Alpha Station is use the: “I2C Bus Scanner and ProXR linker”
I press “scan I2C ports”

And yes: The connected MCP230xx boards are detected. (Stated as: ‘MCP230xx -Driver Undefined’)
Then i “Edit” the drivers to the correct MCP boards.
Then i change “Run mode” to “Configuration mode”
I press “Write New Driver Map”. → i see storing counting up…

When then opening the ProXR Enterprise, i cannot control any relay…
I scan my I2C ports again, and still the same result as initially: 'MCP230xx -Driver Undefined"
So my changes are not stored.

What am i doing wrong?

Thank you.

@ryan1 can you look into this.

Today i tested it with a single 8 port hub and that one worked immediately…

So what the problem is with the 16 port, i don’t know.

The only thing I can think of is keep the Program/Run jumper in the “Run” position at all times unless the software prompts you to change this jumper. Also, be sure to power up the controller with the jumper in the “Run” position. There are lockouts in place that prevent some functions from operating while in configuration mode. If the controller thinks you are in configuration mode, it will likely lockout relay control functions. Please let me know if this helps. Thanks, Ryan

Unfortunatly this not works. I did exact the same thing with the 8 port hub, and that worked right away.
Then again did exactly the same thing at the 16 port: no storage of the devices.

Can i send this unit back in for checkup?