Air Quality Sensors?

Does NCD have these sensors:

-CO: Carbon Monoxide
-SO2: Sulfure Dioxide
-NO2: Nitrogen Dioxide
O3: Ozone

But for using in a IoT Node ( which works with 3.3V I2C line?

Note: 3.3V I2C line

Thanks in advance!


All I2C gas sensors we offer can be found here:

These sensors are powered by the I2C bus so if you provide them with a 3.3VDC power supply they will operate at that voltage.

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Thanks a lot! I will try that!

Thanks @TravisE_NCD_Technica
I would like to know if there are libraries for using MQ7 (Carbon monoxide), MQ9 (Carbon monoxide), MQ131(ozone), CSS811(Carbon dioxide) with Particle Boron devices.

I would appreciate your help!