Air Quality Monitor Buiding Assitance Needed

I am with a environmental non-profit organization who is submitting a grant proposal next week to build a low-cost air quality monitor. We will have funds for project within 90 days.

We would like to use NCD MQ Series Gas Sensors (Benzene, Methane etc.). We are currently using low-cost PM Sensors and have air quality monitoring experience. We would like to now expand into petroleum industry toxic air pollution and greenhouse gas monitoring.

We wish to measure 4-6 different gases plus Temperature, Humidity and Pressure.

We would like to build a Portable Hand-Held Instrument and a Stationary Ambient Ar Air Fixed Location Monitoring Station.

Need Engineer or Tech Guru to assist in the design and manufacturer. Especially need help in the IoT Integration Platform, Communications Interface and Display Software Program selection.

We are budgeting for some engineering-tech support.

Do need some upfront assistance in writing some basic language into the grant proposal on the areas mentioned previously. The proposal is 95% complete.

Please contact me Jesse N Marquez asap here at this forum