Air Flow Velocity to Mesh to USB Modem to Setup and Real Time Monitoring software.

We plan to install 3 units of air flow velocity sensor as the start of the project, please recommend the product as mentioned above.

For your information we are not sure which frequency (Malaysia) should be used
and where should be noted during the purchase process that will be done by our vendors.

I have been watching:

How about to add Mesh to connect between sensor and USB Modem, is it 1 sensor must have 1 Mesh unit.

Any special setup to add Mesh and any other software with graph monitoring that can be download from the website.

You will need only one gateway/receiver.
It can receive data from multiple sensors.
for Malaysia select 2.4ghz.
In order to install the repeater all you will need to do is power on and hardware will take care of the rest.