ADS7830 Programming

Dear all,

For my application, I am designing an RF sensor that will take four different inputs from sampling four RF frequency bands used in mobile telecommunications (i.e.,925–960 MHz, 1805–1880 MHz, 2110–2170 MHz, and 2400–2484 MHz). Right now, I am using ADS1015 with Arduino as the programming unit. However, as ADS1015 has a sampling rate at most 3.3 kSPS, I want to use an Analog-to-Digital Converter that can still be programmed with an I2C interface with a higher sampling rate. For that reason, I was searching from the internet and I found ADS7830, which has a sampling rate at most 70 kSPS. For my application, the resolution is not so important.

May I have a chance to program ADS7830 without using Arduino or Raspberry Pi? If so, how should I do it?

Kind regards,

Baran Uslu

You will need a I2C master device like arduino or RPI to read data.