ADS7828 - Inconsistent reading

Strange behavior on the ADS7828 when reading same voltage on multiple inputs.

I have 1V connected to four inputs (AD0 to AD3).
Here are the outputs:
AD0 - 825
AD1 - 800
AD2 - 792
AD3 - 767

I’m not sure what’s going on - when I apply voltage to additional ADs, the pattern continues.

Can you provide a photo of how you have the 1VDC signal connected to the inputs? Also what is the source of the 1VDC signal?

add few milli seconds ( like 500 msec) delay between two reads.


I’m using Node-Red with ncd-red-ads7828 to read the inputs.
There is a setting for the read interval. I have it set to 200ms.

Are you saying to change this to 500ms, or have a delay of 500ms between reading each input?

I’ll provide pictures and schematics once I get back to the office.

delay between each channel reading.
like read channel 1 and wait 500 msec and than channel 2 and so on.