ADS7828 8-Channel DC Current Monitor API Commands


We are integrating this:

Using a Lantronix Port for IoT:

I am able to use NCD Base Station to connect to the device and the ‘I2C Sensor and Peripheral Interface’ control panel seems to work as expected (although I cannot make much sense of the values returned by it, it will raise an error if I pick the wrong A0/A1 address, etc.).

What I really want to do is use it the same way that I have used a 2-Channel Relay with a serial Lantronix port device. That is, open a socket, send some bytes to the device and get some bytes back from the device that I can interpret. The relay had documentation and a repository to describe the byte codes, what they do and how to interpret the return codes.

I have been unable to extract similar information for the ADS7828 8-Channel DC Current Monitor hardware. Can you help point me in the right direction?

Thanks very much!