Activity monitor - dead?

Hi, I bought a wireless activity monitor (PR49-24J) and it was working fine and I put it into a long delay mode of 60000 since i wouldnt be using it for a while between testings. I went back to set up and restart testing and it seems to be dead. I have checked the com port etc and all is as it was before. I have been trying to reset the configuration back to 2 seconds delay or even just to factory settings but it doesnt seem to respond. I changed batteries too but nothing. Thoughts?

Hi Sean,
Can you measure voltage at xbee pin 1 and 10. It should read around 3.3V.

After factory reset the sensor Network ID and encryption key will be set to default. make sure your modem is set to default as well.


thanks Bhaskar, looks like i had some bad batteries in the good pile…ugh! where would be the right place to ask some configuration questions on the unit?

Even if one battery is bad the product will not work.
You can create a new post or continue over here. configuration related info cna be found in product manual as well.

thanks again. I have been reading the manual but its hard for me to understand it entirely. I want the unit to send data when there is movement on a machine. The movement will be around a max of 2g. So with the factory settings it continuously transmits every delay period - and rarely at 0.0. There is some movement up to ~ 0.000 - 0.080 all the time. Movement I would consider typical sometimes is in that range too, so it poses the problem of when the machine is stopped actually. So 2 questions; 1.) what do i set it at so that when the machine is percived to not be moving for a certain period of time it stops transmitting but wakes up again once the threshold is met? 2.) do you typically take a set of say 6-10 readings and throw out high and low to sort of harmonize the data? IE how can I negate the smallish movement when the sensor is sitting on my desk?

the sensor has AND and OR function as well as Above and below function. There are few other settings but for now i will start with these two.

I will set X,Y,Z above threshold to 0.400g. By doing this sensor will ignore the small movements.
AND and OR to OR.

we have a different sensor for such application

right, i set the range to ± 2g, the threshold to .418g and the duration i set to 1.27, the above and OR, left the data rate at 100hz. I would expect this to result in no data being sent until the movements exceed .4g (abs) for at least 1.2 seconds - the device is sending data every 3 seconds no matter what. The delay is set to 3. must be something simple im missing here

Yes, it will send data after the pre defined time. because it sends data in two cases

  1. Send data after the interval
  2. Send data when an activity is detected

Even if there is no activity it will still send the periodic data. The asset monitor sends data only when the activity is detected.

i see. I should set the delay to be quite long then? Longer than the expected duration of activity perhaps?

Now if I have the above settings and change the delay to 6000 - it should only report an arbitrary/still movement every hour correct? I set the threshold to .112g so it should also breach threshold and report the movement at above .112 g for more than 1.25 seconds correct? Its not doing that. It isnt reporting the movement or anything…

this is how it works internally.
lets say you set the delay to 10 min and an event occurs before 10 min than it will send the data and go back to sleep for the next 10 min it will ignore all the interrupts. so that whats happening in your case. its sending data only after first event and ignores all the events for next 6000 seconds.

The reason behind making it like this is – lets say an even occurs and the sensor tilts or keeps experiencing an shake or activity than it will keep sending data and it will kill the batteries in few days.

The interrupt duration delay is this – lets say an even occurs for 1.25 seconds than it will register it a valid event and send the data.

it sounds really confusing that why we made 3 different product one for each application.

So I want it to report even slow movements but not under .1g or if the duration is not met. I have a macine that has moving components and I want to know when its moving and when it isnt. Did I buy the wrong product? what are the other two products I should look at?

How to i set it so that it sends data when an activity is detected - and not at any other time? As you described above in number 2?

to go with option two you will need this sensor


The written description for that sensor is EXACTLY the same as the one I have. What is different about that device please?

the asset monitor sends data Only when an activity is detected. it will not send anything after a fix interval. Everything else is same as the Activity detection sensor.

Thanks. Just so I am clear on this: the activity detector is designed to alert you over time if some object has moved. the asset monitor is designed to report when there is activity but not any other time. Is that right? It will do the use case I am describing? What is the third device you mentioned use case please?

yup you got it correct.
The third one is impact detection. which works like activity but it sends 3 samples of data which contains acceleration before impact , during impact and after impact.


Hi Bhaskar, just got the asset monitor and it is seen byt he config app but no the run application. any ideas whats wrong?

Hi Sean,

  1. change the delay setting to lets say 20sec
  2. make sure all the thershold limits are set correctly
  3. hit reset
  4. shake the sensor and it will send data. it will send data only when you shake it.