Activating Outputs via

Hello, I am new to programming NCD boards and I have a 12 relay I/O ethernet board. The manufacturer of the board is Denkovi. I am able to ping it with the default address and I can turn on and off the relays/outputs via the web browser. What I am trying to do now is to be able to write some code in to control the relays with the push of a button. I have downloaded the NCD component library plug in to my vb library, according to the sample code from this link

but when I went to run it, it didn’t fire the output. So now I am wondering if there is another command that I need to use in order to turn on and off my outputs. any help would be helpful, because I am completely stumped!

Hi Brian,
Thanks for contacting us. The NCD component library was designed to work with NCD relay boards, and will not function with relay controllers from other manufacturers. Please let us know if you need anything else. Take Care!