AC Current Detection Sensor clamp change

I have an AC Current detection Sensor PR52-45. The use case I have for this is to monitor a 2000A line. Is there a different CT we can utilize for this or would this be a whole different sensor?

what the max current you will be passing through the CT?

I believe the max current would indeed by 2000. We checked with our Engineer asking for this solution.

This would be for monitoring the plants incoming power, looking for changes in power.

in that case a higher amp CT will be needed.

Is the goal is to measure power or power outage ?

In the short term, we were hoping just the power outage monitoring would be quicker to achieve with the Type 33 sensor. We (I) was unaware that it was 2000Amp, and likely the incoming power to the building.

Long term the goal is to also measure as well yes.

in this case i would recommend using a 1000Amp CT, with the same box.

Why 1000 Amp and not 2000 Amp? Is there a CT you recommend for this or will any CT work with the PR52-45?