A/D functionality query

I have a project where I need to read field data from a sensor that provides an analog signal ranging between -32mV to 32mV once the sensor is activated with a 1vdc pulse. Does NCD have any interface that could do this, or do you have a suggestion where I could look.


Are you trying to read differential signal?

Yes. I have to read both the + and - outputs then programmatically compute the differential…

Are you looking for a wired or wireless solution?

The ADS1115 looks promising. However, It would be deployed in the field with a ProXR relays that communicate to a central control station via a DigiMesh radio. Are their any solutions that support DigiMesh?

The sensor I am wanting to use is a “Wheatstone Bridge” sensor that measures tree water status. (See Florapulse for an overview.). My contact at Florapulse also wanted me to ask if you have anything that can read SDI12 sensors. That is another option for me, but that too would have to communicate wirelessly over a DigiMesh network.

Florapulse offers these specialized sensors and a datalogging/cell phone/cloud storage option, but it is way expensive and I am looking at needing to deploy 10-15 of these sensors to adequately cover all the tree and soil types in my orchards.

I have an existing DigiMesh network, control software, etc and it would be most cost effective for me to simply fold their sensors into my existing infrastructure.


yes, we can build SDI to the wireless digimesh box. the unit cost of the such box will be $299.95.

Can you point me to some documentation for the SDI to digimesh box?
Thank you.

This will be a custom-built product. its not on website.
We will have to write the firmware.
The hardware will look like this