8-Relays + 8-ADC ProXR Lite Temperature Sensor

We originally used the R810PL(R8xPL Rev. B)+ETHERNET module which includes a MCP9701A Microchip Temperature Sensor that we connected to ADC8. We have several of these boards.

We have developed or own Python software that controls these via the API using socket communication and everything works fine.

We just purchased a R810PL(R8xPL / PR60-1 Rev. G2A)+NCD5500 and noticed there is no terminal block for the temperature sensor on the board. It appears the MCP9701A is no longer on the board. When we access the board via the web-page it shows “Temperature: 25 C” so there must be a temperature sensor on the board somewhere.

How do we access the board temperature using the API interface so that we can write code to read the temperature?

The temperature sensor is no longer included on all ProXR Series, temperature reading you are seeing is not accurate.

The lack of the temperature sensor is disappointing and unexpected.
The web-page still shows the old board that shows the temperature sensor.

The temperature sensor was removed because the long-term heat from active relays made the sensor useless for ambient air temperature due to heat transference from the relays to the sensor across the PCB. A external sensor must be used to obtain reliable readings:


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