8 channel bluetooth relay module


I have a customer looking for something very similar to this:

But it needs to have bluetooth version 4.1 or higher…? Does anyone know where I can find this device. Everything I’ve found is either overkill or older bluetooth.

I believe the ESP32 has Bluetooth 4.2. We’re releasing a new module soon that uses the bluetooth on the ESP32 as a pass-through to our Industrial Line of products. @Travis will have more information on that if you’re interested.

Additionally you can create your own firmware for the ESP32 to talk to an 8 channel relay controller if you have a bit of programming expertise. This will be a lower cost option and will be more adaptable to interface to you as you determine how to handle whatever commands the connecting application sends.

Can you tell us more about the application requirements? Do you just want a smart phone app that allows you to turn relays on and off over a bluetooth connection? Assuming the issue is non iOS support which is why you need Bluetooth 4 or higher.

Yes - we are working on the software piece. The sticking point on Bluetooth 4 or higher is a requirement coming from the bluetooth gateway provider, it is interacting with a legacy wired voice system

I would recommend this relay controller:

You can install this ESP32 module into the board which will provide Bluetooth interface:

You will need to write some firmware to run in the ESP32. Code development on the ESP32 is really pretty simple using ESP32-Arduino. If you have anyone with C/C++ development experience it should be a breeze.

I think this is also a very cost effective option.

That is very helpful - thank you!