4-Channel Contact Input over Ethernet

I have a brand new unit that I want to send UDP messages in broadcast mode with contact closures. I have configured it through the web app but it doesn’t look like it’s sending the UDP packets.

I tried changing the Remote Host to a fixed IP (my laptop) to monitor with LiveTcpUdpWatch software if there was activity on the port 5000. Nothing

The NCD Base software is giving me an error message ‘unable to find device’ when trying to connect to it via TCP/IP.

The Lantronix DeviceInstaller does connect to it and allow me to see the config. parameters.

Is there a way to make sure that the UDP packets are sent? Please help.

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Can you provide screen shots of the settings you have entered in the Web UI. Also make sure to provide serial port settings screen shots as well.

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Sorry for the delay. I tried to re-connect on the unit and take some screen shots but I am getting a different error message.

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Can you try using google Chrome or Firefox browsers?

OK. Will try that and give you an update.


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I finally had the client sent me the screenshots using Chrome. I am uploading them so you can review and advise.

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That module is configured to allow connections to it via UDP sockets. Base Station only supports TCP socket connections. This is why Base Station does not work. The way the module is configured it should boot up and then establish a UDP connection to IP address over port 5000 so a UDP server application will need to be running on a computer at that IP address which is set to allow client connections over port 5000, once again Base Station does not do that.


I do not want to use BaseStation or a computer with your product.

What I am trying to do is use it to send a specific message on the network to some network H.264 players (Brightsign).

This is to allow a contact closure from the fire alarm system to ‘trigger’ an emergency message on the network players.

I was steered toward your product by someone on the Brightsign discussion board.

Can you let me know if this device is the appropriate product to achive what I want to do?


So is the product you have a 4 channel push notification board with Ethernet interface? Can you provide your online order number so I can see exactly what you have? If it is a 4 channel push notification board with Ethernet interface then yes you should be able to do what you are describing.

Check the Use Broadcast box under Connection. That may be all you need to change. I can’t remember the Datagram type but 1 sounds right. If you check use broadcast it should ghost out the remote Host field.

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I have tried the settings you recommended, without any success. I have connected a laptop with Hercules to be able to listen to the UDP port traffic.

Using ‘01’ for the datagram type does generate some UDP data, but it’s only gibberish (see attached pic) compared to what I have put in the message in Email Trigger Settings page.

Sending UDP message to the Network player with Hercules does work perfectly.

Can you confirm that your device can actually do what we need?

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That “gibberish” is an input change data packet which is detailed in this guide under the section Sensor Packet Breakdown:

These are bytes, not character strings. Software is required to listen for and evaluate these data packets and then perform tasks like sending emails. The Push notification boards cannot send emails on their own, only send out these data packets to listening software like N Button.

Thanks for your prompt reply.

As I understand, there is no way of sending a UDP message in the form of a user-defined character string (ASCII or HEX) to trigger our Network Players as I described in my previous post.

This device does not what we need . Do you have another product that can do what we need?


There are 8 user configurable bytes in the packet but they do not change based on the input state, they are just static bytes. There is no other way to put user configurable data in the transmission. Were you lead to believe this prior to purchasing the product? I cannot find anywhere here on the forum where that was mentioned.

Currently we do not have a product with the capabilities you describe, however it could be developed using off the shelf hardware we offer if you have anyone in house with C/C++ development experience. If you have someone capable of writing C/C++ please let me know and I’ll provide information on hardware that could be used for the application.

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Travis Elliott