4-20ma transmitter not changing value

have another issue. The 4-20ma is not changing values anymore. Connection are the same and i uploaded the old code to test it and its still not changing.
I’m using the code provided I’m able to see the milli-amps but the amperage its not changing.

does it scan when you run the i2c scan code?

I’m not familiar with that code. Do you have an example? And a direction on what i’m looking for when i run the code.


thank you I’ll try it in a minute.

It didn’t find any devices :[, the board isn’t not even a month old.

It did however find it on the other port. which is port 1 on the i2c hat for the arduino

i2c port might be damaged on the arduino.

Even in the right port the values aren’t changing.

what is the 4-20mA output when no code is running?
can you measure using a multimeter

It started working again. And it was at 13ma