4-20mA receiver for externally powered sensors

I purchased this board:

thinking that I could hook up to a sensor that is powered by 24V, with12V on the current loop. It seems I was wrong, as the board comes with 16V output on the loop, without any possibility of switching it off.

This should be stated in the product description. All it says is “this 16V power supply can be used to power up the sensor”. The use of the word can here implies that this is an option, and not a fixed feature. Since there are no schematics for the boards you sell, the language you use to descirbe the products matters.

Lacking a schematic, it is also not clear to me how I could modify the board to detatch the 16V power. Is that something you could assist in, or should I just return it?

This board appears to do what I want:

although I only need one channel. Can you confirm?

Also this boards seems to have no outgoing potential on the current loop, correct?

checkout this post

Is this still the most current solution for this problem? I purchased 4 of these PR33-7’s with hopes to use them for load cells, but it appears to be shorting my scales.

I second the request to make this powered loop some how either optional on the PR33-7 product, or create a separate 1 channel product that can have a passive loop.

if your load cell is loop powered then you will need