4-20mA multi analog input to RS485

Hi, I have several flowmeters installed in a facility with brand and serial number specified below:

  • Eddres hauser Promag D
  • Emerson 8750WDMR2A1FPSA60CA1M5Q4YS
  • Emerson 8750WDMT2A1FPSA60CA1M5Q4YS
    In total there are 23 flowmeters with 4-20mA analog output, concentrated in 3 areas as follows:
    Area 1: 12
    Area 2: 8
    Area 3: 3
    Which option of mult-input analog 4-20mA to RS485 or WiFi converter can I used to concentrate signal in each area?
    A gateway in each area will collect data and send to an energy management platform.