3 Channel Energy Meter

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I recently purchased a 3 channel current sensor along with the USB modem that comes with it .
I am using the Alpha Sensor Viewer and it detects the sensor and I am receiving some type of data and am able to configure the sensor and everything. The issue here is , the sensor data always shows 0 ( the split core is wrapped around a live wire ) , the strange thing is when the entire split core setup is disconnected from the main sensor module it’s sending some gibberish values for all 3 current sensors .

Any help would be much appreciated

Can you provide photos of your setup please?

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  • 100 amp CT: 50mA resolution ( Min measured current 1.5% of FS)
  • 200 amp CT: 100mA resolution ( Min measured current 1.5% of FS)
  • 600 amp CT: 300mA resolution ( Min measured current 1.5% of FS)
  • 1000 amp CT: 500mA resolution ( Min measured current 1.5% of FS)

Hi Travis ,
Cant really put an image of the setup in a public forum.
But attached is a picture to give you an idea


Hi Anil ,

We have this

It doesn’t really say the limits on your website


All CT have minimum current due the working nature if the device. This info is also mentioned on the product page under specification.

what’s the min current you want read ?

This is the one that I have , which I am assuming to be 100A .
Hence 1.5 A would be its min current measured current ? The current that I am measuring right now is around 1.8A -3.6A .
I tried looping the wire multiple times as well , doesnt seem to help .

can you share a picture of your installation.