2-Channel Thermocouple Sensor Troubleshooting

I recently purchased the 2-ch TC module PR55-19A_PWR and I am having a problem where channel 2 is not reading correctly. For example, with Channel 1 I have the thermocouple attached to a mold that is 230ºF and I get a reading of 230ºF from the sensor. Channel 2 is attached to a mold that is 210ºF but I am getting a reading of 96ºF. When I swap the wires I get 210ºF on Channel 1 and 105ºF on Channel 2. That is telling me that Channel 2 has something wrong and so I’m wondering what troubleshooting I can do to see if the sensor is bad?

There could be issue with channel 2 wiring.
can you share a picture of the box.

Attached is a picture inside the box. We found that without a thermocouple attached to Channel 2 it is still reading ~75F with some variation. If we unplug the thermocouple from Channel 1 it drops to 32F and stays there.

has this ever worked ?

Looking back at the data it doesn’t appear that Channel 2 has ever worked correctly. On 10/12 I brought the sensor online but it wasn’t attached to a mold, it was just reading ambient temperature. On 10/13 I hooked both channels up to a mold (at 240F) and you can see both of them jump but Channel 2 only goes to 108F. After this Channel 1 was removed from the mold and just read ambient while Channel 2 stayed on the mold reading ~105F

I think their might be a hardware malfunction here. can you send this unit back for further inspection

Yes, what address should I send it to? Do I need an RMA number?

You can fill out the RMA using the link i shared and you will receive an email with address.