2 Channel Industrial IoT Wireless AC Current Monitor Sensor


We recently purchased one of the 2 Channel Industrial IoT Wireless AC Current Monitor Sensor and the MQTT WIFI gateway to go along with it. We have gotten the sensor installed and configured and have been able to receive data from it through MQTT. However, the sensor will stop sending data when the machine that it is attached to turns off, but it doesn’t resume sending data when the machine is turned back on. We can restart the data stream by hitting the reset button on the sensor but that is inconvenient and I am assuming not the correct way to use the sensor.

My assumption is that it has something to do with the “Current Change Detection and Transmission” and “Configurable Current Change Detection Limits” that are listed on the product page but I can’t find how to change those settings listed anywhere in the documentation other than a reference to a potentiometer on a different current sensor.

Is there something else that could be causing the sensor to not wake back up? How and where do I change the current change detection settings?

Thanks in advance for any guidance you can give.

By default these sensors are configured to send data after every 10min. it will send data after this interval and wont care if machine is on or off. if machine is off it will send all the current readings 0.

You can change sensor settings through the MQTT Gateway. That is covered in this guide:

Sensor Configuration Using Micro Gateways



Thanks for responding so quick!

I had previously found that guide and adjusted the interval to our preferred time frame (1min for now). I changed no other settings beyond the delay setting.

The sensor was working and sending data at the interval we chose until the machine was shut off. We received a few 0 amp readings until the sensor stopped sending data. It then didn’t send any data for 68 hours, which is when I hit the reset button to wake the sensor up and it has been sending data since then (about an hour so far). Granted the machine hasn’t been turned off since then and won’t be until later this afternoon.


thanks for the info. we have not seen such issue in past.

  1. the sensor is powered by batteries ?
  2. gateway also has power and internet connection all the time ?

was the sensor factory reset ? that could enable the change detection.
factory reset could happen if you are trying to put the sensor in cfg mode and hold the cfg button for too long.

change detection and interval mode can coexist so it should still send the interval message.

@TravisE_NCD_Technica is there a way to send a command to sensor using MQTT gateway ?

The sensor is powered by the provided batteries and based on the data we get back when the sensor is working they are still charged.
The gateway did have power and internet the whole time.

I don’t believe that it was factory reset but as you say it could have happened accidently.

There is no way to manually enter a command using the MQTT Gateway. The only thing that can be done is configuring sensor settings through the configuration web UI.