2-Ch, ProXR Enhanced - Serial config and Commands


I am new to using the referenced device, but do have experience with serial programming. I am attempting to use Tera-term terminal emulator, with settings to COM 74 (the virtual port created upon installation and power up of the switch) Per the table in the ZRS-232 Quick guide for ProXR Enhanced, I set baud rate to 57.6 k on both Tera-term side, and in Device Manager (Windows 7).

When sending commands with these settings, I can see the Tx LED on the ZUSB board lite up, but never the Rx LED.

An example of the commands I am sending are:

254 49 1 // direct commands to relay bank 1
254 8 // turn on relay 1

These two (and all other) commands fail to toggle relays, and I do not see any return serial traffic.

Can you please offer some suggestions as to what I am doing wrong.

Thank you


That board has a baud rate of 115200 so you will need to change that first.

Next, more than likely you are sending the commands as ASCII String text. I don’t use Taraterm but it looks like you need to use the send numbers function to write types to the board.

Lastly I highly recommend using the bank specific relay on/off commands as outlined in the ProXR guide here:

Please let me know if you have any other questions on this.

Thank you,
Travis Elliott

Thanks Travis,
Good information, Using the TeraTerm command line (terminal emulator) was a problem as it works sending terminal input as ASCII string data (just as you said). So I switched to using RealTerm, which is an application that allows for opening/configuring a port, then sending numbers. The ports open and close as they should.

Now my problem is how to package up the command so that it is sent to the serial port as a series of space delimited numeric values in C.
If you have any ideas on how, please share. I will also look on the C forums to get an idea.



Can you give me a little more information?

  1. What OS will this run on(Linux, Mac, Windows)?
  2. What sequence of commands do you want to execute(example relay 1 on, relay 2 on, delay 30 seconds, turn off all relays, etc)?
  3. How do you want to execute the C application? From the terminal?

Perhaps some more insight into the application intended purposes would allow me to be of more help.

Thank you,
Travis Elliott


I have been testing this with RealTerm, and watching serial traffic with a serial sniffer program (Device Monitoring Studio) and I think I have it.

I can just package up the two states I need (open all, close all) into an array:
unsigned char num[2][6] = {{170, 3, 254, 100, 0, 15},{170, 3, 254, 108, 0, 23}};

Then calling one of the serial commands I have available to me, ComWrtByte(…) in a loop, I can control the ports.

my device only has two channels, so if I want more granularity to open one channel at a time, I can add a couple more sections to the array.

Thanks for your help. I will re-connect if I run into problems.