16 channel relay controller powered at 24V

I have a 16 channel high power relay controller PCB that was powered with 24V rather than 12V. I note that the datasheets for the relays suggest that would not have caused problems for them, so I would assume that the regulator producing the 5V for the chips would have been the most taxed due to the over voltage. I can’t decode the markings on the regulator to see whether it could have tolerated the 24V for a short time. Does anyone have any ideas what the consequence of powering one of the relay controller boards with 24V rather than 12V might be?

There are transistors on the board that switch supplied voltage to the relay coils. They are rated to switch 12VDC. Also the relay coils are only rated to 12VDC. This over voltage could have damaged those transistors(TPIC6B595) or the relay coils.

Does the relay controller still function? If so it’s possible the relays were never switched and everything would be OK.

Also the voltage regulators that drop supply voltage to 5VDC to power ICs would have more than likely gone into thermal overload and would have shut down but probably wouldn’t cause damage.

I would say if the controller still functions then don’t worry about it. If not you can submit an RMA to have it repaired.

thanks for the feedback. the controller is working at 12V and all relays are switching so I think it survived. if i needed to submit an RMA, who would i contact and how would i contact them