1-Channel Push Notification Contact Closure Input over Ethernet

I was testing with the above mentioned device, and below is the data that I captured from it’s broadcast:

According to the protocol, the mac address gathered from the above data is 0F:0F:0F:0F:0F:0F, and firmware version is 1. However when I go to the web interface for the device I get a proper mac address and a firmware version of 1.2.

Any thoughts on why the data packet doesn’t have the correct mac address or firmware version?

@jacob do you have any idea whats might be going on here by any chance .


Apologies for the late reply. This message came through with the title summary so I passed it over.

Unfortunately this functionality no longer works with the new Ethernet Module. You will need to use your TCP or UDP library to extract the MAC address from the packet headers. In Python this would be something like socket_object.getsockname()[4]. Libraries in every language should have something similar.

Seems like I can’t set the User Data on this device. NCD Base keeps having isues communicating with the device itself, and through the web interface it seems like it’s not possible to set User Data. Any thoughts?