0-10V DAC not outputting 10V

Ok so I’ve got the One Channel 0-10V DAC working. But sending 4095 to the DAC for maximum ouput produces around 8.9V. My setup is as follows:

  • Arduino Nano (tried with UNO too)
  • Desktop Power Supply outputting exactly 5.00V with “unlimited” power available.
  • NANO is mounted using the NCD Interfact module
  • Interface is connected using the provided cable to the DAC
  • Signal is being read using a multimeter at the output ports.

Touching the screws vs the actualy terminals is a trivial difference in voltage seen.

As one may expect, powering the NANO via a USB port on the computer produces an output around 8V.

Should i be cranking this up to 5.5V or higher to ensure I’m getting the proper range?? I could expect some loss, but when I’m trying to access the full signal range of the device i’m trying to control… I can’t miss out on a full 10% of the usable range of the device.

can you measure the voltage at 0-10V DAC I2C port ? looks like its around 4.6V.

Generally Arduino has protection diode and it decrease the voltage by 0.3-0.7V.

bingo. changed the pins im using on the interface board and the desktop power supply. so I just need 5V regulated to that pin and it should be good