ZUXPSR325PROXR_ETHERNET does not respond with Web Interface

Hello. We have a new ZUXPSR325PROXR with a Gen 3 Ethernet module. After a factory reset with the jumper installed to force a static IP address of we can ping the port. However, we can’t access the Web Interface. Our system does not have DHCP.

Please advise.

Thank you.

Is the IP address of within the subnet of the network interface card on your PC that is being used to access it? If not then your browser will not know how to address the request.

You can check the subnet of your NIC using the command line on windows and using the command:

It is recommended to use the NCD Config Tool when possible to set a custom static IP address instead of the static IP jumper.

The software engineer responds that the subnet mask is correct.

Can he send screenshots of the reported IP address and subnet of his NIC as well as a screenshot of what the config tool is saying that the module’s IP settings are?

No. That is not possible. It is also not currently possible to use the NCD Config Tool.

Would they be able to provide the IP address and subnet mask of the NIC on the computer he’s trying to access the board from?

Is there another network on the computer using the same subnet as that NIC?

Without this there’s not much troubleshooting that can be done.

This issue was resolved. The Ethernet module was defective. Replacing it solved the problem.