ZUXPSR24xPROXr relay control board and webi adapter

I currently have a ZUXPSR24xPROXr relay control board with three banks and 24 relays total. I have a webi ethernet adapter connected to the control board. When using BASE, it will identify the device on the network however, when I attempt to connect to the device I receive a “Device identification failed” message in the click below box. I am able to access the webi device via a web browser and I am able to access the device and make config changes using the NCD Config tool. I am plugged in directly from the board into my computer.

I’ve never had good luck connecting the Ethernet module directly to the computer. Try connecting it to a network router and configure the module using the configuration tool to Get IP Address from DHCP Server.

I don’t see anything that should be a problem. It’s odd that your IP address is as most non managed windows machines default to 169.x.x.x when not connected to a router. Do you have a secondary network attached to this computer? Is it on the 192.168.1.x subnet?

screenshot of the response to the ipconfig command from the command line would tell me this.

Addiitionally without the clear data buffer when TCP connected it can mess with Base Station if there’s data stuck in the buffer. You can find this section under Advanced in the NCD Config Tool