ZUXPR45PROXR with Bluetooth Communications Module

We are currently using the ZUXPR45PROXR board to control relays with the USB adapter using the NCD Component Library and Visual Studio. I’d like to see if we can use the RS-485 modules using existing code with no changes to the visual studio code using the NCDComponent library.

My question:

Can we take existing boards that have the USB COM board and swap the USB board for the RS-485 module with the ZUXPR45PROXR board without any code changes?
If code changes are needed, what are they to open and select the port on the RS-485 module?

Thanks for such robust hardware and the tools needed to make them work!

Yes, you can Swap the USB with RS485.
The only chnage you will need to make is " set the ZUXPR45PROXR baudrate to 57600".

The default baudrate of RS485 side is 9600.

There will be no change in visual studio code.