XR830 Not Clicking

I have a XR830 Expansion board at the end of my chain and it is not clicking. The software shows it as reading but neither the mechanical click or the red leds are not there. I submitted for an RMA but want to know if there is a fix for this. Also I moved it up and down stream and the problem followed.

The driver chip sounds like it is damaged. This can be caused by either static electricity or plugging the controller into the bus while power is applied (most common reason for failure). You can return to us for repair. Please see https://ncd.io/contact-us to arrange a return.

What is typical turn around time on this fix?

We simply swap out the control chip, they usually go out the next business day.
Chips may also be purchased here:

In a time crunch so I will order the parts…thank you very much for the help!

also, is this just a swap or it there any programming needed?

No programming needed for the XR Series, it’s just a parts swap…super easy to do.