Wrong Shipping - Ordered the gateway for Azure but received for MQTT

I firstly follow the instruction page ( WiFi Micro Gateway Setup for Microsoft Azure - ncd.io)

However when I connected the gateway, the browser showed me this.

At last, after a few days struggling, I find another instruction page ( WiFi Micro Gateway Setup for MQTT - ncd.io), which proves the gateway I’ve got would be for MQTT!

It’s completely waste of my time to keep checking what’s going on. I did send out the message via Technical Support ( Technical Support for NCD Devices - ncd.io) but no support at all for a few days.

Please do check my message via Technical Support and there is an order number and my contact email. Appreciated if follow-up could be provided asap.

I tried looking some other information to fill the blanks in order to setup the whole thing. However once I finished filling up the necessary information (including WiFi Setting - Network & Password, Server Settings - Domain, Port, Enabled Use Secure Connection, Client Settings - User Name & Password)

Saved Settings. Then nothing is shown. Refreshed(F5). Reconnecting again. Showed me the very 1st page?! Nothing has been saved?

Tried the whole thing again. Filled information at WiFi Setting and Server Settings are saved but nothing is found at Client Settings.

Tried the whole thing for a few times more, still the same result.

To clarify that the hardware I received, the cover shows “FOR CONNCECTING TO Microsoft Azure”. So it’s completely not as same as what it is used for.

Apologies for this. You can flash the Azure firmware in the hardware you have.
Here are the steps. You will need to connect the gateway to your PC.


Thanks. I strictly followed your instruction to get a new Azure firmware installed at hardware. However the sensor readings are somehow not uploaded.

Follow the material here ( WiFi Micro Gateway Setup for Microsoft Azure - ncd.io)

I can successfully find the ‘connectionState’ showing “Connected”.

However, I cannot find any “Gateway_Config” and anything about sensor. (Sensors are powered up and they were tested okay and function properly when I am playing with Wireless USB Modem.) During the setup, the USB Modem is disconnected.

Have you tried refreshing the Device twin page to see if the data updated and shows information?

You have the Gateway set to publish Device to Cloud messages as well so you can monitor messages through the Azure Cloud Shell. Try running this command from the CLI on portal.azure.com

az iot hub monitor-events --hub-name ProductionTest --device-id NCD_testD1

You’ll need to change ProductionTest to the name of your IoT Hub, I cannot see it in your connection string.

That will open a subscription to any messages published by the Gateway. After you run that command press RST on one of your sensors and you should see data published.

I have tried refreshing the Device twin page many times

I follow your advice and try getting message through the Cloud Shell. After I run that command, I have pressed RST on all the sensors I have. However nothing comes out. Refresh the Device twin page again. Still the same result.

Please correct if I am wrong
In order to keep it simple and debug one by one, I thought the ‘Devices’ tab of gateway web page will keep showing the incoming device message when I press RST on the sensor. However like what I posted before, no record is shown under the “Sensor MAC” (I tried keep refreshing to see any new incoming).

Can you provide a top down photo of the Gateway with the lid removed and a top down photo of one of the sensors with the lid removed?

Hi Keanu,

I received your email with video. Thank you for that.

It appears to me there may be an issue with the Wireless module in the Gateway device. Could you try pulling the wireless module out of the USB modem, then install it in the Gateway and then see if you get data on Azure? If you do then we know there are issues in the configuration of that wireless module and we can correct that through the USB modem using Digi’s X-CTU software(I can provide instructions if this is the case).

I swap the wireless module between USB modem and Azure gateway. Firstly I tried the modem and it works! Receiving the data properly when I am using Alpha Station. And then I power up the Azure gateway and start the event monitor via az command. Press the RST. Message finally comes out!

No idea what the reason behind is.

(My tears…I worked so hard to find the problem but honestly saying that shouldn’t be me to spend so much time on it as I expect the device works like charm!)

Device Twin

WiFi Micro Gateway Setup for Microsoft Azure - ncd.io

May I know why there are differences in the link above and my device twin on the “Gateway_Config”? I don’t have any but the link got it. Apart from the sensor node info., I also need gateway information.

After swapping, the circled blue doesn’t give any more space so you could see the red circled - not fully be inserted. Wish the design in the future could consider this.

Ah, that all makes sense. Module wasn’t bad, just not fully seated.

These modems were designed around the previous 2.4ghz modules offered by Digi. Unfortunately we can no longer get those modules so we had to make one ourselves using their surface mount modules. Unfortunately it’s a very tight fit in the existing design.

Um…The story should be like this.

Originally both modules are FULLY seated on USB modem and Azure gateway. At that time, USB modem works well but not Azure gateway.

Next, after you told me to try swapping, I swapped. (I recalled I pulled so hard to get the module out from the gateway and pushed so hard the module from modem to the gateway board.) At that time I noticed that it’s not fully seated but i think it should be well connected still.

And then both USB modem and \gateway work like charm.

At last, just wanna point out that no room for me to push the module to the board when I did the swapping.