Without Base Station, how do I use the ADC?

Hi all, I recently purchased a relay board with 8-channel ADC ProXR Lite. I’d like to use the relay activator to control the relays through ADC inputs. Unfortunately, I do not have access to a Windows system to use the Base Station software. All of the forum threads I’ve found detailing folks trying to use this feature have pointed to Base Station. That’s not an option in my case.

Is there any additional documentation around the API for the event generator commands?

(Specifically, I would like to know what values to send through the API codec to enable momentary relay control of relay 1 from ADC input 1.)


Unfortunately that API is not documented. The only place to find the commands would be in the source code for Base Station: https://media.ncd.io/20190207091118/BaseStationSource.zip

Thanks, Jacob. That is unfortunate! I know I’m not the only one seeking documentation for these commands.