Wireless Vibration/Temperature sensor connection to modem

I have an NCD wireless Vibration/Temperature sensor [PR52-33N] and a wireless ethernet modem [PR55-17B]. Alpha Station connects to the modem just fine, but when I switch on the sensor I get no sensor data showing up.

Is the sensor supposed to connect automatically to all nearby modems, or is there some setup/configuration that I’ve missed? When I switch on the sensor, am I supposed to see it show up automatically on the modem in Alpha Station?

I need to verify this device because we did have a mishap yesterday with bad batteries where the batteries started leaking immediately when someone put them in. We removed those batteries and replaced them with new ones, and I need to verify whether the device is still working or not. I have done the factory reset procedure.

If the modem and sensor has same Network ID and encryption key then it will show up in alpha station as soon as it comes on.

You mentioned you factory reset the sensor.

were there any setting changes in the Ethernet modem or it has the same factory settings ?


I inherited these devices so I don’t know if anything was changed on the modem. In the Alpha software I clicked on the two buttons “Use default Pan ID” and “Use default encryption key” and then clicked “Write modem settings” button to see if that would reset it. I’m not sure if that is the proper procedure though.

yes, that will reset the modem to default settings.

do you have multimeter ?
if you have one you can measure voltage across xbee pin 1 and 10.

would like to know if the power supply is still working.

It measures 3.278 V across pin 1 and 10 on the XBee card when turned on. When turned off it measures about 280 mV.

power supply seems fine.

can you try sensor configuration using labview UI ?

using the labview ui set the modem netwrok ID to 0x7FFF and encryption key to 55AA55AA55AA55AA55AA55AA55AA55AA

I just keep getting this:

does this message comes up as soon as ui is open or when you put the sensor in cfg mode ?

when you put the sensor in cfg mode, does the green led flashes in the ui?

None of the “lights” in the UI ever light up. This error message comes up if you hit enough buttons. But usually the UI just sits there doing nothing. There is no indication that the unit is alive except when I put the multimeter on those pins I can see voltage when the pwr switch is in the On position, but when the switch is in the Off position there is no voltage.

we can schedule a remote session and see if we can figure out whats going on.


Okay. I didn’t know that was an option. How do we do that?


for future reference
the issue was that the encryption in the sensor was disabled and in the modem it was enabled.