Wireless routers


Usually they should work in this configuration but just to be sure, please configure both of them in API mode. You can also download the standard profile xpro file from our website.


Does one need to be a coordinator and the other a router?


Where an I find the standard profile? I wasn’t having luck finding it.


Please use this Link
Its available under the resources section on the product page.


Hi Will,
You can install PC_Xbee profile in both S3B modules. Before trying the xbee communication i will recommend testing out the Pi serial port.
Generally i run an echo test where i connect the Tx Rx and make sure pi is sending and receiving. once that is working i will recommend trying out the xbee communication.
checkout this article to upload xbee profile using Raspberry pi



Thanks Bhaskar,
I finally was able to get them to communicate. I didnt notice right away but the USB modem was set at 115.2k and the standalone was set for 9600. Once they were set to the same Baud i was able to start communicating between the 2 units.