Wireless MQTT Gateway + Predictive Maintenance Sensor


Under recommendation from NCD we purchased the Wireless MQTT Gateway and the Industrial IoT Wireless Predictive Maintenance Sensor package.

After looking for a setup guide on the NCD website I found that there isn’t one. The guides for these products do not show how they interact together. What little information was given is outdated and screenshots do not match.

I pieced together the information I could from various guides around your website to get it to the point it is now. The Gateway comes online, connects to our wifi, and talks with Beebotte–thats fine.

The sensor however is not cooperating. I have tried multiple times and tried various conflicting settings found in your “guides” to try to make it work. After setting the sensor into configure mode, it does show up in the devices tab. However, the only information showing is the Sensor MAC Address. Everything else is blank. If I hit the Configure button and try to change settings they do not seem to save. After power cycling both devices, the sensor does not show up in the devices tab again (unless I go through the config process once again).

These are the only two devices we have from you. After finding a table on your website, it says that this configuration is currently untested. Why are you selling untested configurations?

Do you have an updated guide on how to link this sensor to the wireless mqtt gateway?

A quick response is welcomed as I have had no luck on my email requests.

Please let us know once you have configuration screen shots available from your developer.

Thank you,