Wireless IoT Products - Clone XBee Serial Number?


As you know, I have a large Mesh Network using NCD.io IoT Long Range Sensors and Routers.
Thanks again to you and @Anil_Bhaskar for all your help.
We previously discussed the possibility of Cloning/Duplicating an XBee’s Serial Number as a backup XBee for a Gateway that serves large Mesh Networks.

My NCD.io Mesh System operates great, but I would feel more comfortable with a Redundant XBee (with the same SL) for the Gateway sitting on a shelf, since 100’s of my NCD IoT Sensors are programmed with the Gateway’s specific Serial Number as the Mesh End Point.

Have you had a chance to talk with Digi about this possibility ?
Thanks in advance,

Hey Ryan,

Thank you for reminding me on that. I’ll try to get on the phone with Digi and see what they say about it. I am worried they will see that as a security hole and won’t tell me how to do it. But on the other hand we have purchased thousands of these modules so maybe they will open up a bit.

Hopefully at the least, Digi will clone a few Serial Numbers for us.
I don’t expect to be able to Clone as an end user.

Thanks Travis

Hey Ryan,

I just dropped them a line so I’ll let you know as soon as I hear back. I am sure this is not the first time they have had this request. Perhaps they can, as you said, create them custom for you.

Thanks Travis… any updates ?

I got nothing back from them. A person on their online chat said it simply wasn’t possible. We really need to get a hold of a real engineer over there. I haven’t worked with Digi directly in a few years and have lost all of my contacts there(none of them appear to work there any more).