Wireless IoT Dry Contact Closure as Mesh Relay?

Can another Wireless IoT Dry Contact sensor act as a Mesh relay when in battery mode? or would it need to have external power?


Unfortunately the Enterprise sensors themselves will not work as a Mesh Relay as even if they are externally powered the on-board firmware still tells them to go to sleep. You would need to use another modem to act as a Mesh repeater/relay.

This one can be powered by a 5v USB power source: https://store.ncd.io/product/900hp-s3b-long-range-wireless-mesh-modem-with-usb-interface/

This one can be powered by a 12vDC 2.1mm barrel: https://store.ncd.io/product/industrial-wireless-usb-modem/

If the modems aren’t connected to any computers they will simply stay awake and repeat data across their associated wireless network.

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There is way to enable mesh on sensor as well.
For that the sensor has to be powered up all the time.

You will need to do following to enable it

  1. take the module out of the board
  2. plug into USB to serial converter like this
  3. download and install XCTU
  4. open the device in xctu
  5. disable sleep mode
  6. plug the module back in the board

Now this device will act as a mesh repeater as well dry contact closure.
I will not recommend doing this on all devices. do only where its needed.

Generally we dont recommend because sometime users change wrong settings and brick the modules.


Understood, thank you for the information.