Wireless Accelerometer Gyroscope Magneto Temperature Sensor

Our company is working on developing a project with this sensor. Right now its programmed to transmit data every 600 seconds. we are trying to change setting but the program is unable to communicate with the device to change settings. In the sensor configure screen the zigmo transmits but the sensor doesn’t respond. In the router configuration screen the zigmo transmits and the sensor responds accordingly. Any help would be appreciated. We are trying to eventually program the device to transmit for 30 seconds whenever the device detects movement, also transmit an indication when the battery level gets low.

Did you put the sensor in the config mode ?
you can do that by press release the reset button and then press the cfg button for 5 second. once you do that sensor will go into config mode and you can change the sensor sleep time. once the configuration is done, press the reset button and sensor will go in run mode.
if you set the sensor sleep time real low it will kill the battery very quickly. this sensor sends data after a fix interval it does not send data when the value changes. next week we will be releasing a new sensor which will send data every-time it detects a movement.

Thank you for your help! is there a firmware upgrade that will allow our sensor to support the feature that allows it to transmit when it detects movement? Or will we need to purchase the new sensor?

you will need to send it back for a upgrade( its a free upgrade if the device is bought within last 30 days).


Thanks! will we be able to have it report with time intervals and detection of movement? Also who do we get in contact with to do the exchange?


Yes, it will send data after the fix time interval as well when it detects an activity/movement.

Please contact orders@ncd.io regarding the upgrade.


I have received the device back and i am trying to get it to transmit data but I am having no luck. I can get the sensor to talk in the config page but when in run mode it is not transmitting data.

Hi Spencer,
You will need to use this utility to read and config the sensor

over here you can set the detect limit and it will send data as soon as it detects the activity.



I got the new software installed and the device is talking but it is talking constantly no matter the threshold. When i put the sensor on the ground it is still sending movement data.

did you change the sleep delay ?
it might be set real low. You can set it to 10 min or so. then it will send data only when the threshold is above 0.3g( you can change this threshold as well).

so the sensor will talk when movement is detected no matter how high the delay is?

it works like this
case 1 – lets say the delay time is set to 10min, it will wake up after every 10 min send data and go back to sleep.
case 2 – lets say delay time is set to 10 min and after 6 min an activity occurred. it will detect the activity, will wake up and read the sensor, send data and go back to sleep for next 10 min and so on.

ok thats what i was thinkin. it seems to only be transmitting with the delay and not with motion. is there a setting i need to change?

using the config mode you can change the movement detect threshold, you can also read the current threshold. if its set high then you will need to move it bit faster.

You might need try shaking it quicker and it should send data.

for more info you can checkout the product manual as well

it seems i can only see one axis.

will update the UI so that it displays all 3 axis.
You can see all three axis data in the left side boxes to make sure the sensor is reading all 3 axis.

good catch!! .

Any news on the update?

UI has been updated.

sorry forgot to mention here.

got it working. is there a way to remotely configure the sensors? once we mount them we will have limited access to them… also we are only reading 32 degrees Fahrenheit all the time when the true temp is 72.