Windows 10 can't discover my NCD Bluetooth Relay board

I have just received two units today. I was able to connect the USB cable to the device and configure it.
However, I can’t connect to the device by Bluetooth, it doesn’t show up.

Did you ensure that Bluetooth was enabled on the module? You can do this through the module’s configuration web interface as covered in the module user guide here:

Hi Travis,

Thank you for helping. I followed your instruction, however:

  • when I plugged in the power, there are two LEDs on the module: one is steady read, another one is flashing green. I couldn’t find the flashing blue as the document mentioned.
  • Check the wifi, I couldn’t find NCD_NexGen network either.

I found there is a button on the module that when I press it the LED will turn flashing blue.
However, things still don’t work:

(1) Module 1:
I had to use Safari on my phone to go to the configuration website, Edge or Chrome doesn’t work as it seems the website crashed in the middle.
I have successfully enabled Bluetooth and paired my computer with the module.
But when I use NCB Base to connect to either one of the two COM port, it keeps saying the device doesn’t response.

(2) Module 2:
I couldn’t connect to the Wifi hotspot of this module at all. It showed the network button but I couldn’t connect to it with NCDBeast password.