Win10 & ZADR410PROXR

The NCD Base software is not detecting the relay (ZADR410PROXR) under Win10 (Enterprise 64b).

This exact same behavior has been duplicated on a Win10 (Home 64b)

I cannot tell if this is a hardware defective situation, or some sort of software “undocumented feature”. The description follows:

  • The latest FTDI drivers were installed.
  • The USB Serial Converter properties does have the [x] Load VCP box checked.
  • When the USB cable is plugged into the computer, COM4 does show up.
  • The NCD Base Software does come up, to Select Connection and does allow COM4 to be selected at the 9600 baudrate.
  • Clicking the [OK] does not detect the Relay.
  • the Baud Search pop-up appears and starts cycling through the possible different combinations.
  • the status lights on the relay then alternate between Ready (~80% of the time) and Busy (~20% of the time).
  • as the Busy lights up, the TX led on the USB adaptor board also momentarily lights up.
  • after a full search, the Base pop up appears with the message “No Communications with Device. Exiting program.” and the [OK] button.

Base Station is pretty good about searching all baud rates, but the default Baud rate is 115.2K Baud. You might try this, but it should find it even if you have the wrong baud rate of 9600. We test our controllers on Windows 10 prior to shipment (every single controller we manufacture is tested), so this should not be an issue. Also, the TX light should flash when it is trying to communicate with the controller, this you have confirmed, and the Busy/Ready LED seems to be responding correctly. There really isn’t much to go wrong with communications. Thank you for such detail, this is very helpful. It sounds like everything but the baud rate is correct, so I am not sure what could be causing the problem. I can consult with another engineer here. Has the controller ever worked for you by any chance or is this your first time using it?

Hi Ryan,
1) Thanks for the help.
2) Sorry for the late reply
a) I replied to your email message, but apparently they are not received by your mailserver. No biggie
b) my company decided that “” is a source for malware, so had that blocked.
3) but fortunately I got an email with a clickable link to go straight to this page :smiley:

Here is what I wrote in my reply, I don’t know how to attach the PNGs, so you will have to use your imagination that they provide lots of details, but no help.

At this point, I am starting to think that maybe it is a hardware problem from the start, and
maybe I should ask how I can swap it for a replacement board (and/or USB daughter board)

[begin copy and paste of email message that went nowhere]
Hi Ryan,

 Thanks for the answer; I am similarly at a complete loss to understand the nature of the failure.

 This controller is brand new, and the first time that I’m trying to connect to it (so that I can put it

into a test fixture that I’m developing), but the first step is to just get connected to it.

 Let me attach an overly large screen cap of my monitor which shows much of the pertinent info;

For some reason, the PC just is not hearing any response from the Relay, and in case I did not mention
it, the USB adaptor is the “top and side” mini-USB connector, and there is also no difference regardless
of which port the cable is plugged into…



Hi John,
We would be happy to retest the board if you want to send it in to us. I would like for you to send it to my attention directly, as I would like to see what is going on outside the regular testing procedures. You may contact DeeAnn at, she can help you arrange return shipping. Be sure to ship to the attention of Ryan Sheldon and I will respond directly to this thread once I know what’s happening.
Thanks John,