Wifi Micro Gateway MQTT not finding Wireless Temperature.Humidity Sensor

I am having trouble with my Wifi Micro Gateway MQTT gateway finding my Wireless Temperature/Humidity Sensor in the devices page of the config setup page. I’ve been trying for a few hours now and have only been able to connect to it once and receive a reading. After that, the device will not show up under the ‘Devices’ section. My gateway is set up and connected to a hotspot (although the light still flashes blue) and I turned my device on.

I had attempted to flash my MQTT gateway to a Google IoT Core gateway (https://ncd.io/how-to-ncd-grepy/), but that did not work to completion and I stopped it when I received this error:

Could that have contributed to it?

Is there something particular that needs to be done to connect?


Hi Steve,

Google IoT firmware is still in Beta. I do not recommend running that. Refresh your gateway to MQTT firmware. After flashing the LED will flash blue because it is in setup mode. Connect to it over WiFi and enter your configuration for your MQTT broker. After the gateway is successfully connected to your broker the LED should turn Green.