WiFi Micro Gateway for Losant

This is exciting, and perfect timing for me.

From the Product Page:
* Suitable for Use with Up to 10 NCD Wireless Sensors
Is this a Hard Limit imposed by the embedded file(s), or more of a recommendation “for now”?

Thanks in Advance !

Hey Ryan,

It’s more of a recommendation for now. If devices are sending packets infrequently it’s possible a very large number of devices could report through the gateway.

Another reason for the 10 device limit is this is the number of devices Losant allows on the free account from what I understand(this however also includes the gateway itself so you could actually only have 9 wireless devices connected to Losant through the gateway).

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Thanks for the quick reply Travis.
I didn’t think about the 10 device Limit for a Free Losant Account.

Assuming I purchased a Commercial Losant Account ($100/month), is my following theory correct for a stress test?
I create fake API frames (from a MCU + XBee) to send to the NCD WiFi Micro Gateway, and slowly increase the number of fake Sensor Nodes (by adding new NodeID’s/API Frames).
The test would send Each Individual NodeID’s reading every 5 minutes, and slowly increase the number of Fake Nodes.

Hi Ryan,

That certainly sounds like a suitable smoke test for the gateway. I honestly don’t know how many devices it could support but I see no reason to have an actual hard limit. It really comes down more to data bandwidth than actual number of devices.

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