Wifi interface relays and push notification

HI , i am looking for a way to connect a push notification “4 channels” to a relay controller with WiFi interface of 4 relays on a local network preferred ad-hoc mode the idea is as follow each contact closure in addressed to a specific relay and without any software like N-button ,so the idea is basically like Xbee MirC but with WiFi , is it possible to be achieved ?

thank you in advance.


That is actually a product we are planning to release later this year. It is absolutely possible with the hardware we currently have, however it would require custom firmware development. Do you have any experience with C/C++?

Hi Travis;

that is really good news , unfortunately i don’t know a lot of programming only basic C language.

but is it possible to find Xbee but in the frequencies of 2.4 Ghz or 5 Ghz.

if so that would be great , looking forward to hear from you.

Best regards.


We actually have a new WiFi module which could possibly be used for this application. They would just plug into existing MirC boards. One would act as a server and the other would connect to it over the network and act as a client. While this is possible it has not yet been implemented. Do you know how many of these pairs you would need? Also the devices would require static IP addresses on the network.

Hi travis;
i think i will check your proposal and i am certain it will fit my criteria.

what i want is a server with push notification of 16 input and 4 clients of 4 relays each making them total of 16 relays if not applicable a 4 pairs of 4 input server paired with their clients of 4 relays.

if you can submit the datasheet and manual it will help me determine in my design.



We can’t do a “one to many” setup here so it would essentially be MirCR4x_kit but with WiFi LAN connectivity instead of the long range wireless.