What do i need to measure 3 phase power on a raspberry pi?

I am planning on buying a 2 channel off board AC monitor to measure 2 phase power. Do I need the dual 120 VAC mains voltage monitor as well? Will this work for 240 or 480 Volts or is there something else i can use for that? I want to use a raspberry pi 3 with this and realize that i need the interface and a 12 volt power supply. Is there already software for this project? thanks.

You will need the voltage monitor to read the AC voltage, it can be modified to read 240V AC signal.
You can fins the sample codes over here


Thanks so much Bhaskar! How would the voltage monitor need to be monitored to read 240? I thought this might burn it up. Also can you tell me where you would read the voltage? I also have an Emonpi with a voltage input and I just plug it in but it is confusing to me how that is useful for the exact circuit that i am measuring. I would like to eventually build a better Emonpi for industrial measurements.

I meant modified, not monitored.

if you want to measure real time power then this wont be the ideal solution. We do have a product line which has current and voltage monitoring on one board and it calculates real time power, apparent power, total power, current direction and also stores all these power in the eeprom so if Your raspberry pi goes offline or something it will still keep working and will keep recording the power.
we have a few industrial users who are using this solution, let me know if you need it. we can build it for you as well.
the ncd will modify the board to make it work with 240V.


Hi Bhaskar,
Yes i would be interested in this. what do you mean you have a product line that does this and later you can build it as well? Is it custom or already available? Thanks.

the product is in stock but its not available on the website, we build these only when someone asks for these.